Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mexican mythological animals

Mexican mythological animals

As part of the projects which are born in this second anniversary, reinforcing our social commitment to spread, and help to preserve our Mexican wildlife, a cultural project is born within Mexifauna, with the collaboration of the Mexican writer, Francisco Rdz. Vernet. This project aims to give life to a publication which gives us stories and tales, written from the myths and legends of these animals, which are immersed in the vast theology of our Mexican prehispanic cultures. Among the animals caught in this publication, you will find the jaguar, the turtle and the xoloitzcuintle, among many others... that nowadays are classified either as threatened or endangered.

These stories and tales are in their first creative phase nowdays. Sketches here, and some other sketches... there. Huge ideas which are being shaped into illustrations and texts, which give life to a publication full of color, with a sensitive feeling poured in a message of preservation on behalf of our vast Hispanic culture!

Happy second year! 
Thank you!

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