Friday, October 4, 2013

World Animal Day

Today, October 4th... we celebrate the World Animal Day all around the world.

In 1929, in a day like today, October 4th, at the congress in Vienna, Austria, the World Organization for Animal Protection declared that this day should be dedicated to care for the animals all around the world; The main goal of this day is make us remember and highlight the importance that animals have on earth's biodiversity; in this way, we may understand that we share this planet with them as our home. Let's treat animals with respect and care, and stop treating them as the victims of our selfishness and cruelty.

By celebrating of the World Animal Day, we pretend to:

• Awareness humanity about the importance of these living entities, the animals, with whom we share life on our planet.
• To spread animal's rights among people, and nations; and to help defend the rights of animals all around the world.
• Help provide respect and care for animals; simply because they are alive!
• Make humanity ponder, on what has been, and what should be our conduct about every living entity on earth in the future.

Let us not forget that worldwide, there are many animals that are victims of the selfishness, cruelty and abuse of humans. Against this sad reality of humanity, there are people, companies, institutions and organizations who dedicate their life time to defend animal’s rights, by actively participating worldwide to protect wildlife and animal life in all its forms on earth. This sad scenario will change through a worldwide education, with the broadcasting of their activities, looking forward to create a new culture based on the respect and sensitivity to the animal world. Fortunately there are more and more people every day, who try with the best on their capabilities, to make this world a fairer and a better place to live.

It is not enough to appreciate the beauty of an animal, and to say how cute they are. We have to think that animals are living beings, and that they have the ability to feel! Yes! They feel love for those who care for them, and they feel pain when are mistreated. They even feel respected. Let's respect every living being! We share the world with them!

In the Mexican Republic exists the 10% of the animal species on the planet, of which about 50% are endemic, for which its habitat, is limited to a certain areas. Which is evidenced by the 1,681 species of mammals, 1,054 species of birds; most of which live in the United States and Canada together! It is noteworthy to point out, that in México, the Unites States and Canada have about 704 species of reptiles, from which 51% of them are endemic; therefore, except from Australia, there is no other region, nor a country in the world, which has so many biodiversity.

There are many species of endangered animals in México; therefore, is necessary to update, and to do a frequent census, besides a continuous inventory of threatened species, to measure the speed of their dramatic rates of extinction. In the Mexican Official norm of 2001, (NOM 2001) there are enlisted 221 endangered animals. Among them, there are 43 species of mammals, 72 species of birds, 14 species of reptiles, 06 species of amphibians, 70 species of fish, and 16 species of invertebrates. We should note that this list is an attempt to approximate reality; there is an ongoing review, according to more and better knowledge of the flora and fauna of Mexico. We must expect that with this better knowledge about these animal's reality, the Federal Mexican Government and private corporations may help to stop endanger of extinction of this precious endemic animals!

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